The Western Birdie-verse triptych hath been completed.
I present to you: Rafaela, my AU Rabbit.

You know the drill, BIGGER IMAGE AND BACKSTORY HERE→→→Rafaela (AU Rabbit) by PiuPiu-Littlebird


enjoying shrek the musical is equal parts good and bad, because it’s a damn good production, the cast is talented, the costumes/stagecraft are fabulous, and the message is important, but some people on tumblr are still going to ignore all of that and judge you because some fucking meme has ruined the notion that you can actually enjoy something related to the shrek franchise without hate.  and it’s absolutely absurd.


Last night I was looking at the bathroom signs… wondering which one was for girls.
The simple explanation would be to chose the least masculine/ more feminine of the two… but they seem equal to me
i was having a crisis trying to figure out how they chose what animal… and which bathroom is for women.

I turned a simple sign into a serious question… and im probably overthinking it
But if every sign for every bathroom was trivial, maybe society would be closer to equality of sexual orientation.

The person who painted it probably didn’t even think about it in this light. But regardless, its beautiful for me in a way.
If all signs were like that… Then the question would be: do you see yourself as a horse or an elk ? Not, are you male or female?

All around the world inside EPCOT’s World Showcase.

The women bathroom signs all around the world of EPCOT.


Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away

So it’s the holiday break and maybe a lot of you have already finished watching a whole series on Netflix, if you’re bored and have no idea what to watch next, watch this. Srsly. It’s beautifully imaginative. From the mind-blowing talent to the exquisite music selection (btdubbs if you’re a Beatles fan, you def want to watch this!) to the graceful cinematography, this movie is simply perfect.